Let’s tackle cyberviolence now!

About TRACeD

Advances in technology have transformed and expanded the ways in which gender-based violence can be perpetrated. There are various forms of cyber-violence against women and girls (VAWG), such as online stalking, non-consensual dissemination of sexual imagery (so-called revenge porn or image-based sexual abuse), blaming and harassment, slut-shaming, death threats and the publication of private information on the Internet (doxing).

Data on cyber VAWG in the EU is scarce and very little is known about the actual percentage of survivors of cyber VAWG and the prevalence of harm.

The TRACeD project’s focuses on tackling gender based cyberviolence among children, adolescent girls and young women through the provision of high-quality and interdisciplinary training on safe Internet techniques, human rights and sex education to children with particular focus on children, parents, teachers and students (young women).

TRACeD platform:

The TRACeD platform serves as an educational tool  and as a helping/consulting platform

providing guidance and assistance to parents, teachers, professionals and most importantly to cyber violence survivors or potential survivors.

Our Cyber Guardians:

Cyber Guardians are the first line of response. Their work focuses on providing advice, both technical-technological and psychological. They act as facilitators in a process of identification, learning, decision-making, action and the design of an intervention plan for the survivor.

They are called upon to manage and respond to the expectations of the survivors.  Professionals, however, may not always be able to find solutions for all needs. They are not obliged to exercise the functions of psychotherapists, legal representatives or any other public authority.